[Complete anti-epidemic measures]


In order to prevent new coronaviruses, Butterfly Valley Hot Spring Resort takes the following contingency measures to provide you with a safe environment and protect your health.

1. Before entering the company, employees must measure the forehead temperature.
2. In addition to wearing masks, all employees of the operating unit must wash hands and double disinfection of alcohol disinfection. 
3. Service staff takes the initiative to measure the forehead temperature for guests in the accommodation hall and SPA counter.
4. If symptoms such as fever and cough are found, immediately go to the nearest clinic for treatment and follow the regulations of the competent authority.

Room area:
(1) Bleach water (diluted 1: 100) and alcohol (75%) are used for disinfection.
(2) After finishing the air-conditioning outlet in the room, spray alcohol to disinfect it.

Restaurant area:
(1) Disinfect table and chairs with bleach (diluted 1: 100) immediately after meal.
(2) After the meal period, sterilize the table with bleach (diluted 1: 100).

Public areas:
(1) bleach (diluted 1: 100) and alcohol (75%) disinfection and use
(2) daily disinfection of public toilets, door handles, handrails, elevator buttons and other easily accessible locations.
(3) The countertop of the service desk of the operating unit shall be disinfected regularly every day.
(4) Hand alcohol disinfectant is provided in all places.

Yongquan open air area:
(1) Temporarily close the male and female ovens and steam rooms

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