Beautiful Butterflies


Butterfly watching is the most prominent highlight of our resort. More than 70 species of butterflies are known to exit within the valley.The best butterfly watching season is between May and August,where these beautiful and vivid creatures pervade throughout the valley climate of the valley. The indigenous weather and climate of the valley makes it appropriate and very suitable for butterflies to inhabit.The butterflies breed naturally and become Ubiquitous to watch, making the resort extraordinary and unique. Have a camera ready in hand when these magnificent butterflies fly by.

Wild Birds


Fu-Yuan National Forest Park is a well renowned and  popular choice of site for bird  watchers. Comparing with other lowlevel altitude parks in Taiwan,our resort contains the most number of species,practically more than 40 distinctive species of wild birds. Most bird species can easily be spotted with naked eyes as birds nest and feed around visible areas of the resort. Look carefully into the woods and you may be surprised to see these wonderful and lovely wild birds.

Twinkling Fireflies


Firefly watching is no ordinary tourist attraction,as the magic only happens at night.Between April and May, The natural environment is well protected and clean that fireflies continuously maintain a huge population in the valley.
Together these fireflies light up the night and create a Milky Way galaxy in the forest. This visual feast surely is a wonderful and amazing experience.