Dream Garden

unearth the pleasure plants can bring you at the Dream Garden,immerse yourself in a colorful medley of flowers,scentfilled heaven.Take a stroll through the garden horticulture and may you leave all stress and unpleasantness behind.

Butterfly Eco House

Butterfly Eco House uses natural sunlight, rain and essential plants to create a natural eco system for butterflies to breed and grow,an environment like this will not only attract these beautiful winged creatures, but also help flourishing the garden, and is great for educational purposes for kids and butterfly lovers.

Butterfly Exhibition Room

Butterfly Exhibition Room preserves a number of valuable butterflies and insects specimens.Through the wide range of educational displays,guests will not only increase their knowledge of butterflies and insects but also understand and expand their appreciation of nature.

Stone Park

Fu-yuan National Forest Park is situated at one of the oldest geological location. These natural rock formations are visually stunning and absolutely breathtaking. The Butterfly Valley Resort found variety of beautiful stones in different shapes, aggregated and arranged these stones to a beautiful landscape. Visitors can experience the nature's work of art.